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About Me

Cinzia Scafetta


  • Laurea in Italian Literature and Musicology, Diploma in piano, MA in Music 

  • Royal birmingham conservatoire - visiting lecturer in italian diction and music

  • University of birmingham - lecturer in music (Piano)

    Several years of international teaching experience in the field of Italian Diction, Italian Language and Music (Harvard University, Tufts University (U.S.A), University of Birmingham, Brasshouse Language School,Royal Birmingham Conservatoire) have brought me to the conclusion that it is the control of the physical articulation and the awareness of the the innate diversifications of the Italian phonemes that enable students to a realistic reproduction of the Italian language sound. 


My courses are tailored to the needs of each individual learner, no matter the proficiency level of their Italian.

   The intelligibility of the words and their sound enhance the natural flow of the Italian language. Learners will feel confident to use the foreign language whether is for travelling, or for having conversation.


    As for the professional singers, by following my Italian Diction method, they will gain confidence for a correct pronunciation which in turns will reveal its intrinsic bond with the musical setting and the expressivity of the lyrical text, empowering them to capture the composers' original idea.

Looking forward to offering my help for your success with Italian!

One to One/Groups


(available also online)

Spring Course for Italian learners


Italian Thematic Learning Sessions

Summer Course for Singers


The choir, as remarked above, turned in a splendid performance, and it was difficult to believe, hearing the well-schooled pronunciation, that the singers were not Italian; every consonant (including the usual stray sibilants) was perfectly placed; they were resplendently loud in the Rex tremendae, Sanctus and repeated Dies iraes, and yet delivered the quietest pianissimo possible at the opening Requiem (which they sang, along with its counterpart in the Libera me, without music).



 Prom 74: OAE / Alsop @ Royal Albert Hall, London

9 September 2016


by Barry Creasy

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